To keep a long story short:

I'm originally from Oregon, and went to college down in LA (Claremont McKenna College, class of 2012 majoring in Psychology). I ran a juror decision making lab and worked in a memory and cognition lab while I was down there, but realized toward’s the end of 2011 that wasn’t a path a wanted to keep pursuing.

Enter Dropbox.

I joined Dropbox in 2012 when it was just around 100 employees, and wore a bunch of different hats there (originally worked on support, managed a bunch of internal tooling / scaled support stuff), and then joined the Mailbox team in late 2013 working on analytics and user experience research.

Next chapter, joining Zendesk at the end of 2014.

At Zendesk, I most recently work a Senior Designer juggling a bunch of cool stuff  (heading up platform design and visual / interaction design for Product, and working with our Brand team) and included are a couple examples of recent projects I’ve been working on.

I recently returned to Dropbox at the end of 2016, and work on the the newly-formed Design Systems team as a Product Designer (Visual Specialist) helping to build out a new design system that unifies products across native surfaces like Windows / macOS and mobile, as well as web.


Matt :)